WHat to expect 


Your Session

Our session will last, on average, 1.5 hours where we  take some time to get to know eachother so we can express who you are through art. During the session we will reignite the passion you have for life and the love you have for yourself. 


Pre Planning Session 

Through the Pre Planning session we go over a variety of colors, lace, and style that you could wear. We also briefly go over a few steps on how to prepare for a boudoir session and what type of amenities you want available such as granola and yogurt for snack, type of champagne or wine you prefer, and even if you prefer Fiji water over Voss.


Hair & Makeup 

Your session will include professional hair and makeup while you sip your choice of Champagne, Wine, or Sparkling Cider! Your makeup will be done by an experienced artist who will be able to capture your natural beauty and accentuate it. Your hair will also be done in the style of your choice, and our artist will stay near by for touch ups.


Posing & Direction  

Just know that you don’t need to be a professional model to hit the perfect poses. I will start with a quick “how to” for posing and continually guide you through posing for the perfect Images. I also have a gallery available of inspired images that will allow us to continue being creative and try somethings that are exciting and new.


Non Obtrusive editing  

In my edits I avoid any body modification. I focus on blemishes and discoloration for a clean crisp look.

You are beautiful the way you are and I do not want to change a thing!



Starts At :

Boudoir Session

Investing in yourself is important, and this is an experience that is made specifically for you. The session starts with professional Hair and Makeup. We review the basics of posing together and then start the 1.5 hour session. At the end of the session there will be an in person reveal of images taken. All ordered products will be personally inspected for quality and hand delivered


Starts At :

Boudoir Experience 

Investing in yourself is important, and this is an experience that is made specifically for you. We start with you preference in beverages; Water, Wine, Champaign. You will receive 2 looks from the make up artist, 1 for the session and one post session. You will have a carefully hand crafted charcuterie and desert menu. Last but not least you will receive a piece of exclusive BoJack Boudoir merchandise and 15% off of the Ala Carte purchase options.

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